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Triangle Munch Group

A free service for regular TMG attendees.

The Triangle Lending Center Library provides an extensive collection of educational materials for loan on an honor-based system.

Generally the Lending Library is only available during the First Saturday Munches. Occasionally the Lending Library may be available at other events as announced.

Click the Library Entrance Picture on the right to enter.>>


Terms & Conditions of TLC

  • By agreeing to these terms and conditions you hold harmless TMG, TLC, or any agents thereof. 
  • TLC is a BDSM adult resource that may contain images with adult content, you must be of legal age to use  TLC.
  • You must attend two Munches before you are eligible to use TLC resources.
  • A maximum of  two items per person, unless authorized by the librarian(s) to exceed this limit.
  • Items may only be checked out for one month, unless authorized by librarian(s) to exceed this limit.
  • Each item must be returned to the librarian(s), by the person that checked out that item.
  • You may only check items in and out at the Saturday Munch, unless prior arrangements are made with the librarian(s).
  • All decisions regarding TLC, made by the librarian(s) are final.
  • Use of TLC is at the discretion of the librarian(s).
  • All Items are returned on demand, any items lost or damaged are replaced by the person that booked out that item.